Laycock Photography: Among Tameside’s Premier Photographers Laycock Photography proudly announces its recognition as one of the top-rated photographers in Tameside by 3 Best Rated. This milestone signifies the trust and support received from our valued clients and patrons, solidifying our commitment to delivering exceptional photography experiences. Crafting Emotive Narratives Through Imagery: At Laycock Photography, we transcend mere snapshots; we’re passionate storytellers weaving emotions and narratives into every image captured. Each photograph is meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and preserve treasured moments, reflecting our dedication to unparalleled artistry and creativity. Translating Dreams into Tangible Images: Our cornerstone lies in understanding and bringing our clients’ visions to life. Whether it’s a wedding, family portrait, or corporate event, Laycock Photography excels in translating aspirations into captivating, visual tales. This recognition reaffirms our approach—a fusion of technical prowess, artistic flair, and an authentic connection with each client. The Artistry and Expertise Behind Every Frame: Meet Sam, the artistic visionary behind Laycock Photography. Sam’s keen eye for detail and ability to capture candid emotions elevate our brand to new heights, ensuring each frame narrates a compelling story that resonates deeply. Reflecting on a Journey Shared: Beyond accolades, this recognition mirrors the incredible journey we’ve experienced with our clients. Their unwavering trust has been our guiding light, propelling us to continually innovate and refine our craft. Continuous Evolution and Dedication: Driven by the desire to exceed expectations, Laycock Photography is committed to continuous growth and innovation. Our relentless pursuit of staying updated with cutting-edge trends and technology ensures unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction. Preserving Moments, Crafting Memories: Every moment captured encapsulates significance and emotion. Laycock Photography endeavors to create everlasting memories, freezing laughter, love, and cherished moments in time. Gratitude and Anticipation: We extend heartfelt gratitude to our clients and supporters for their unwavering belief in our work. As we celebrate this milestone, we eagerly anticipate weaving new stories and preserving more cherished memories together. Looking Ahead with Gratitude: Thank you for being part of our remarkable journey. Moving forward, Laycock Photography is excited to capture more precious moments and continue creating unforgettable narratives through our lenses. Sending Love, Elizabeth & Sam x Laycock Photography
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Bride and groom stood outside the church door, kissing whilst confetti is being thrown.
Hello, are you all still out there? It’s been absolutely ages since we caught up with you all!! So, what have you all been up to? Us?! Well, let me tell you where we have been. So do you remember way back in February we told you about us moving studio? Well, here we are, in our new home, our forever home, our new Stalybridge photography studio. We moved here in late February but it’s been a hard job to get us to this point. Our old studio was amazing, it was a great creative space, but over time we outgrew it. With tons of props, backdrops and our ever-growing collection of dresses, it was time to find a new home. The big question is, where? Somewhere else in Stockport maybe? Or somewhere a bit closer to our new home? We thought it was time for a new start, a fresh audience, a new challenge. So we started a search for spaces and found the perfect studio in Stalybridge. If you ask a photographer what sort of space they would like if they could have anything, our new space is what they would describe. A beautiful old stone mill, large open space, high ceilings and large windows to let in lots of natural light. Well, we saw the advert and popped along, the space was being used by an engineering company and had been divided up and was filled with huge machines, but we looked through all of that and visualized what could be! We both knew that this was our space, and we got the keys a couple of weeks later. Fast forward to lots and I mean lots of cleaning, stair climbing, packing and unpacking and it was time to make the space our own. It took some painting, scraping, wallpapering and carpet laying, but here we are. I’m sat writing this from our new reception area, looking out onto all of our hard work and it feels amazing! We are now ready to open our doors and welcome all our wonderful clients, old and new. It’s time to start new relationships in a new community and we can’t wait. But, aside from all of this, we have been so busy in other ways too! For those of you who don’t know, I’m Elizabeth. (Hi) I’m the other half of Laycock Photography. Most people know Sam, he is a larger than life character who is the Laycock, in Laycock Photography. A couple of years ago we met and ultimately Sam proposed to me one Christmas Eve!! It was super romantic and one of the best moments of my life. We decided to get married in July of this year and that snuck up on us whilst moving studios. Yes, you read that right, a studio move, a wedding, a honeymoon, oh and the six week school holidays. Our four children have been amazing in helping us move and we are so grateful for them. Oh, did I mention we bought a house? Yes, we did that too (insert head in hands here). Well that’s us, we’ve been the busiest we have ever been. However, we are done, settled and ready to start our next chapter. That being said, we are starting with our opening night. Keep your eyes peeled for details coming soon. 🎃 We are so looking forward to seeing you all again and making new memories. So if you’re looking for professional photographers in Stalybridge, and want to capture beautiful heirloom memories of you or your family, then get in touch, special moments pass us by all too often and we look back and wish we had the memory in front of us to smile upon. Pop over for a brew, the kettle is always on, we are in Cheethams Mill, nr the Labor Club. Come and have a chat about your ideas, we can’t wait to see you. For now, enjoy the snuggly nights that are drawing in! Sending love The new Mr & Mrs Laycock xx
Small child sat i field reading a book. She has fairy wings on and bubbles coming out of the pages from the book.
So how was your Valentine’s Day? I hope you were spoilt rotten. If however, you are in a relationship of just yourself, then I hope you made your own day fabulous! Either way with Valentine’s Day behind us, it’s time to look forward. Mother’s Day is just round the corner and we are busy planning photoshoots full of wonderful mums. Mother’s Day is always a signal that spring is on its way. The days are slowly getting longer. The snowdrops are bursting from the ground. There are daffodils in the shops and even a glimmer of sun. It really can perk you up any mood and makes you think about new beginnings, adventures and possibilities. Maybe a new house, job or car. Maybe it’s that trip you’ve always wanted to take or something small like a new hobby or haircut. Whatever it is, embrace it, soak it in and enjoy. Wherever or whatever you do, don’t forget to document it with a photograph. Capture that moment, it will last a lifetime. Better still let us capture it for you. There’s nothing like a beautiful picture that has been taken properly. When the nights draw in or things seem darker, then go back to that photograph and fill your day with that moment. The excitement, the possibilities, the sunshine.   Sending love and light
African woman in traditional dress with her hand on her hip
Just before Christmas we were contacted by the fabulous Sugar. She wanted a milestone photoshoot for herself to mark her turning 40. Fantastic idea we thought! We had a couple of conversations about the type of shoot she would like and she settled on two types. One in her traditional African dress and one that was more informal that truly captured her personality. She arrived on the day with her dress and a pair of hot pink balloons that said 40. She was so strong and fierce in her traditional dress. Stood facing the camera, hand on hip. One particular pose reminded her of her mother she said. I think we can all relate to this. Sometimes you get a glimpse of your self and think ‘when did I become my mum/dad?’ Fabulous at 40 The second half of the shoot in her nude dress and sat on the floor with her hair down and posing with the balloons, captured her true self. When she came back at Christmas to collect her pictures in her folio box and her big prints she was very happy with the result. It makes it all worth while when you make a client smile. This got me thinking about marking those important moments in your life. We just don’t do it often enough. A quick snap on a phone or a short video doesn’t really capture that special moment. Making time and even treating yourself is really important. We only live one life and it should be the best version of that life. Empower yourself with recording that moment in time when you turned a milestone birthday. That’s not to say that pregnancy, engagement, birthdays or anniversaries shouldn’t be recorded too. If you’ve been thinking of doing it and seem to never get round to it, then there is no better time than the present!
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